15 Sep

imagesCAYVT77EEver heard of the word “fruitfulness” ? Certainly! We see it daily in the fruits we eat, the news of a new born, the seasons and in so many things. But do we really understand what it means, how it relates to one, as an individual? My personal needs, the work of my hands, my family… the list is endless.

Do we really understand that fruitfulness is a commandment? God’s gift to us?
Let’s get back to the beginning, when the master creator, the all perfect God, stepped out to bring alive his masterpieces , for everything he created, As he saw that it was good (of course, we know they had to be good!), God put a seal of sustainability, of preservation on it. He set aside a process that will curb extinction! He made a check to ensure that all the good will be endless, and ever good!


God spoke.

Yes! he commanded.

He put the seal of fruitfulness… forever.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind… vs. 12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good… Genesis 1: 11-12

And also in verse 24… And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind…

God spoke fruitfulness to the earth. He commanded unending fruitfulness and even till date, seed time and harvest has never ceased! The earth has no choice but to be fruitful. It must permit plants to grow forth, year in year out! Animals must reproduce, they have no choice, No one has to teach them how to mate… The reproduction process has been programmed in advance!

Also, In verse 22, After God created the moving waters and the living creatures in it, the birds to fly overhead it, God BLESSED them, saying: BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY, fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth…

Then, FINALLY… God made man, you and I, products of his image… to reproduce according to our source. Male and female created he them (us), permit my grammar!)…

And AGAIN, God BLESSED them (us), and God said (commanded) unto them, Be FRUITFUL, and MULTIPLY, and REPLENISH the earth, and SUBDUE it: have DOMINION… Genesis 1: 28

Please note, God BLESSED them.

Fruitfulness is a function of God’s blessing! Just declare this blessing and walk daily in the consciousness of it!

Also, God commanded. “Be fruitful” so he expects us to be fruitful… simple!

Do you believe you are designed for fruitfulness, notwithstanding what you see around you? the limitations of our five senses?

Our maker, creator, manufacturer, producer, has designed us as choice products for his glory, he has programmed us, and put all that is required for us to be fruitful!

In our health, our walk with him, In the work of our hands.

He has put talents, books, peoples, ideas, people… all to ensure we remain fruitful year in, year out.

He spoke to the earth, the earth heard and still hears and obeys till today! Plants and animals keep multiplying!

He spoke to the seas, they never run dry, He spoke to the fishes… They keep multiplying! (Thank God! for food sake).

He spoke to you and I, yes! we have no choice but to keep increasing, in ALL.

Why is God passionate about us being fruitful?

It’s his master check plan for stability on the earth’s system, That ensures all is well on earth!

It is by being fruitful that we can multiply, and by multiplying, that we can replenish the earth.

It is in increasing that we can replenish the earth (keep it ever fresh, ever green, ever evolving, new ideas, creativity. no monotony!)

And the more we replenish, the more we subdue the earth, the forces of life, even of nature also (Imagine if no ideas of shelter!) , to make the world a better place.

With this fresh understanding, arise today and speak! command everything around you to obey God’s purpose of fruitfulness for your life!

speak to your academics, speak to the work of your hands, speak to your body, speak to those books lying unwritten within.

Declare, that God’s counsel must stand! “My fruitfulness is God’s desire, he longs to show forth his praise through my life” speak daily… speak continuously. speak specifically… And you shall see… because everything hears.

I await your testimony… testimonies!

Be inspired today!

Be fruitful!


HAVE YOU GOT OIL?…The power of preparation.

12 Jul

Image  It  is said that chance happens,and opportunity meets with the prepared mind. Really, how very true that saying is! Indeed, our future will be a sum total of all the efforts of preparation we put in today. when opportunity meets with preparation, it culminates in an avalanche of results!

Time and chance does happen.

“though the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,…….. but time and chance happens to all men ….. (see Ecc. 9:11)

Life is a gift, a gift of adventure given by God to us, not to just live as a routine, but a package of possibilities and exploits. That’s what Jesus meant when he said “I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly!”

Also, from time to time, the master planner, our God, throws in some surprises, to lighten the journey, to give us an edge in life. These aids, come as opportunities. it comes as chance. It maybe a word spoken in due season, it maybe a new circle of friends or network, it may even be a wind if adversity, a closed door, a new environment, an idea, a new book… It can take any form!

Our outcome from these, is dependent on how much we are able to take advantage of this opportunity, how skill full we have become in being able to recognize these edges, how masterful we can run with them, how artful are we to carve a beautiful piece from it.

This piece was inspired by the parable of the ten virgins in the scriptures (Matthew 25:1-13), The five foolish virgins are said to be so not because they didn’t have lamps, not because they didn’t come out to wait for the bridegroom but because they didn’t have oil in their lamps. They had their make-up on, their beautiful clothes, all looked right but alas! that seemingly little thing: oil, which no one on the outside could tell if they had or not (cos the oil level cant be seen from with-out), became the bane of their failure.

It is one thing to be in church, stepping out Sunday to Sunday to meet with the bride groom ; hear powerful sermons. it is another, to be able to identify the opportunities God sends our way during the week in form of work at the office or otherwise as answers to our prayers.

Preparation is such a powerful tool, yet so simple,it is quite easy to overlook the need for it. 

Even the eyes of the lord watches over the earth, daily, seeking for people that dare to prepare, people that are paying the prize for self development today, people that are buying books instead of shoes, people that are burning the midnight oil, people that so believe his promises that they are living sacrificially today as a seed for tomorrow.

These are the ones that when they start taking off in the skies tomorrow, people will start murmuring that life isn’t fair! then are the one that can turn a throw of chance, of opportunity into a thousand exploits!

Let’s start today.

Every new day is a gift. Take account of the past. evaluate your level of self development. When last did you learn a new proficiency? What is that new exciting subject you are researching on? get out of your old circle, make news friends, go for a new workshop. stir the waters of your mind!

Dare to prepare for the tomorrow you desire.

Be inspired today!

On your marks, Get ready… set…. GLORY!!!

5 Jun

There is a glory that is ours for the taking.Today and NOW!!!
Today, glory can be seen as success,fame & stardom,progress,wealth and whatever the world celebrates.
Great! Yet,scriptural glory is far beyond this…
Few word can adequately describe it. words fail me.
Unprecedented progress, mind blowing wealth, global impact and recognition, generational impact, legendary fame and what heaven defines as “What eyes have not seen nor ears heard!
This is THE glory am talking about today.
There is a glory that is ours for the taking.
what is that glory?
It is that same glory Moses pleaded for in Exodus 33:18 crying out “lord, that i may see your glory”
That same glory that David, though a king, desperately thirsted for,like a deer panting for water in a dry and thirsty land.(see Psalm 63).
That is the glory, you and i have been called to show forth!
“we are that chosen generation, that peculiar people”,
Designed for the sole purpose of showing forth his praise!
Whose praise?
GOD’S PRAISE!!!( there’s an urge to emphasis this… will do a follow up writing)
That”s the heart of the matter!
the glory is a heart matter…
THE glory is not all about ambition, self success and fame…
it is a glory that will make the earth to tremble,
That will challenge the unsaved to seek the source: God!
That’s the hope for which he has called us from darkness (obscurity, ignorance and fear) into his marvelous light.
(please see Isaiah 43:7,1 peter 2:9)
That glory is the hope of our Nation, the catalyst for change…
what a joy that it is ours for the taking!
so what is left?
The glory is for a prize…
Yes, it has a cost.
Heard of the term “weight of glory”?
Here’s what we need to check…
Can we handle the “weight”?
I call it the blessings of God that brings with it responsibility…
Am i ready, are the young people today ready, are you well able… to go and possess our lands of glory? the change we so desire as leaders of today?
some food for thought.
God will not give is “mighty” to toddlers.
The throne is for sons…
see Galatians 4:1-7
Time fail me, but thank God for the gift of tomorrow.
so we can continue…
There’s hope…

The silver is the lord’s, the gold also…yet God sought for a man!

28 May

sought4a  man

The silver is mine…
The gold is mine……
says the lord.
there was one thing that God sought for and he is yet seeking daily,even in this generation, in time past and time present, he yet seeks…
God seeks for a man.
see Ezekiel 22:30
It is true that God seeks for a man to stand in the gap to make up the hedge so he could heal our land.
For what?
we have concluded it is to make up the hedge in prayer… we have made it the call for more intercessors.
God is still seeking for a man.
A man of great faith.
A man that can dare to dream! A man that can provoke his hand for greater manifestation by his faith.
Luke 18:8 emphasis this… when the son of man shall come seeking, daily, over the affairs of our nation… shall he find faith?
shall he find little faith, no faith or great faith?
Will he find you?
will he find someone that will dare to question the status quo, dare to believe God’s word for a supernatural revolution in our society?
May he find me.
May he find you!
Be inspired today to be that man… dare to believe

Now, about that invitation…

17 May

The last time,we started out on that great invitation…
Yes, that same one.
like i observed earlier, there must be a twist to this story,its unlikely to have a literal meaning.
Why would one prefer to go do some farming than to enjoy the feast?
Could it be because the invitation might not come as a literal invitation to feasting….
Yes! that must be it.
Matthew 22:1-10. also see Luke 14:15.
How do i know?
If the certainly, no one would turn such invitation down.
Yet, that’s what we do…. maybe ignorantly, though ignorance is not an excuse… unto us,it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom.
Jesus, by those scriptures is still saying today, that’s what we do when he calls us to serve in the kingdom and we fail to respond.
Turn with me to the scriptures…John 4:32 & 34
Jesus answer to his disciples plea to eat, was “i have meat to eat that you know not of”… and he explained more “my meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish the work”
Three words stand out… MEAT,WILL and WORK….
Simply rephrased, Jesus relates food to the work, and that work was the father’s will.
Other scriptural reference of meat refers to the word of God but here Jesus was meant that doing his father’s will which is causing God’s kingdom to come on earth was as satisfying to him as meat.
The lord opened my eye…. my spiritual understanding,to see how and why we miss out from all his already made provisions for our stay here on earth. They are all tied to this banquet invitation… for he said “all things are now ready”…. there adequate provision but you will have to come… first… that’s the access… to all.
That explains Matthew 6:33…
to seek first his kingdom… then EVERY other thing we desire, shall be added unto us.
Friends, Labour not for the meat that perishes… set your hearts on heavenly things… for where one’s heart is, there shall thy treasure be.
It’s time to heed this clarion call, for all things are now ready… it time to do the father’s will… it’s time to step out and replenish the earth by our service.
Look inwards, then look around, it’s okay to ask “lord! how?.. Sure,there’s provision for “that work” he has called you to do… your invitation has long been sent… start by doing the necessary, then the possible…and next, you are doing the impossible!… for all things are now ready…
We must have a sense of urgency towards the master’s call… for the night cometh when no man shall work….
The invitation has gone round fast,so fast, maybe been repeated?…
it started with the patriarchs of faith… but now, it to “all that may will”…
He said to the servants “Go to the highways, and as many as you can find, bid to come to the supper”… for all things are set! The fields are white with the harvest… but the labourers are few.
Kingdom service is the father’s will. It’s his heart-cry.
Lord! i accept your invitation. Grace to run with this mandate while it is day.
so…. what are you waiting for?
All is set.
Join the guests… Step out!
Be inspired today.

hey! got your invitation?

13 May

Have you ever been invited to the event,of a well known personality and you failed to turn up?
My guess is that it was totally unavoidable, you just couldn’t squeeze that into your already too tight schedule…… does that seem likely?
Remember its a highly placed personality, say a famous star or maybe a presidential invitation… wow! now i have got you there…. sincerely, i will find time, i would cancel some other engagement, and i trust you would do same also……. because nobody wants to miss out and be told by someone else about all the fun and goodies.
Now, on a more serious note, there’s this great invitation been passed round in this season, an awakening… have you received yours? do you intend to honor it? if you have not, check the mail box within and around… maybe you didn’t take it too seriously and left it laying around. search well because,i am certain your invitation has been sent.
so….. whats the event?
look it up in the greatest directory…
Matthew 22:1-10. also see Luke 14:15 (you just have it read this one more time.. it’s got depth)
The event is the marriage feast of the great master.
Observe that he sent the courier servants out twice……”No more excuses” he said after the first feedback.
He desperately sends them out a second time, saying.. “maybe they don’t understand. Add this; he emphasises… tell them “All things are now ready”… “the table is set.”
whats this event really all about?
that’s the question we need to ask… could it possibly mean something else?
i guess there’s a twist to it…
why would someone prefer to go to the farm rather than go have some fun.. and another want to try out some silly new oxen than enter the presidential mansion….
You are right, things aren’t always the way they seem…..
join me tomorrow as we uncover this beautiful piece…. as we take the next turn.
Be inspired today. think on these thots……..


lord! give me one pure and holy passion,

2 May

lord! give me one pure and holy passion, give me one magnificent obsession. Give me one glorious ambition for my life… To know and follow hard after you